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About us

Our company, which operates in Rafsis sector, started its commercial life in 2010. Since its inception, it has established long-term relationships with its customers based on mutual trust and has become one of the leading organizations in the field of shelf systems by its rapid growth and development. It aims to continually advance with modern equipment and innovative innovations. Since 2014, shelf systems have started to be manufactured. Rafsis is composed of architects, engineers and technicians who are working under the company and each of them has gained experience and experience in their own field for many years and renewing itself by expanding its business volume with research and development (AR-GE) department and it is always one step ahead. Our business solutions that we have provided by adopting the principle of customer satisfaction and our principle of working in accordance with international standards show that we are providing the right service to our customers while developing our business.

Our Mission

By making accurate determinations in the storage areas, it produces the right solutions by forming the shelf system according to the material to be stored, the trucks to be used and the circulation of the materials.

Our Vision

To be the market leader by creating the highest level of values ​​with our innovative and creative solutions.