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Steel shelf Prices

Steel shelf Prices

Steel Shelf PricesSteel shelf prices are also used in warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies. These robust and long-lasting systems are produced in various sizes depending on their usage area. The steel structure is a sturdy material, so it extends the life of its products very much. These systems, which are used especially for the storage of heavy products, such as industry and manufacturing, are somewhat more expensive than other systems according to their characteristics. However, when considered for investment purposes, these long-term self-financing systems are not easily distorted and their structure is not deteriorated. In other words, it is very resistant to any external factors. However, other shelf systems are not as robust as steel, and their lifetime is not as good as steel. As Istanbul Rafsis Company, steel shelving systems are also a reasonable level to increase our service quality and provide customer satisfaction. Our sales prices consist of low profit margins and are a minimum level according to the market.

How Does Steel Shelf Prices Change and How Does It Change?

Steel shelf prices vary, first of all, from firm to firm. In addition, companies that want to prove themselves in a competitive environment are trying to sell their products at low prices. Steel shelf prices vary according to the quality of the materials used in the production of the product. For example, the price of a shelf system made of stainless steel is slightly higher. In addition, another issue that plays a key role in the change of steel shelf prices is the area of ​​use and the size of the system in question. As an example, the price of a steel shelf system used in large workshops and a shelf system used in a medium-sized pharmacy are not the same. That is, steel shelf prices also vary according to the amount of material used in production.

Our Price Policy

As Istanbul Rafsis Company, we offer our shelf systems that enable the development of the industry to serve our customers with reasonable prices. Although the steel materials we use in production have costly costs, we try to not reflect them to our customers as a company. Although steel shelf prices seem to be the same in our country, we are the cheapest selling company in the economy. We also provide installation service to our customers and we stand behind all the products we sell.

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