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Industrial Shelf Models

Industrial Shelf Models

industrial Shelf We have a long-lasting experience in industrial shelf models, with our guaranteed products, we have established the throne in the heart of many customers.  With increasing industries in Istanbul, the interest in these shelf systems has increased considerably. The expectation of each customer in racking systems is quite different. We serve you with quality and different shelf content in line with these. Industrial shelf models are too much of an interest to be shown today. In particular, these shelves are demanded in wine cooler and storage areas. This is the shelf prompt that is specially prepared for them and is included in the cabinets. These shelves are manufactured from trees in general, but recently the shelves produced from durable plastics have emerged. We said industrial shelves are manufactured in trees, but it is impossible to use every tree in this shelf. In the manufacture of industrial shelf models, if the soft wood is used, the racks will be minimal and the probability of breakage is very high. Because of this, the industrial shelf models must be used in hard wood, as well as be careful to make sure it is fibrous. At the same time, the trees that can be encountered in conditions such as moisture, humidity should not be preferred, so in general this shelf construction is the first row of hard-resistant trees such as acacia, oak.

Industrial shelf models in health care

Industrial shelves, which are manufactured exclusively by rafsis, never endanger human health. The construction of these industrial shelves, which are specially prepared in our company, is prepared in a completely natural way, and we do not use chemical products as opposed to many firms. Because our customers ' health is in the forefront. Later on, our products come to mind, industrial shelf models are very demanding and meticulous shelves. It wouldn't be a lie if we were more coy than other shelves.   So, in a nutshell, we can say that our shelves have a natural and aesthetic characteristic. If you want to buy industrial shelf models, you must choose the one that works best for you by doing research. However, you should first investigate the importance of keeping your health in the foreground. We rely on the means of supplying our products as rafsis. You can also contact us to witness this shelf quality with your own eyes.

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