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Iron Rack

Iron Rack

iron shelfShelf systems that are used in storage areas and enable the products to be stacked in a healthy way are made up of various materials. Especially, these materials vary according to the area to be used for the weight of the load the shelves are carrying. Shelf systems are generally used in the design and arrangement of heavy products. For this reason, shelf systems are made up of robust, durable and long-lasting materials. The most suitable iron shelving systems are often preferred in terms of durability and carrying capacity. Istanbul Rafsis Company, which serves this area, passes all the products it produces through quality controls and offers them to the customers at economical prices.

Iron Rack Groups

Iron shelf groups are used for storage of various materials. Iron is often used in rack systems because it is a solid material that is already in need of construction. It is used in iron shelves, maintenance and repair centers for heavy machinery, in industrial environment or in pharmaceutical factories. These shelves, which are not affected by external factors and adverse weather conditions, are quite strong. The groups of iron shelves, which do not have problems such as breakage, rust and distortion, are also manufactured in small sizes. In addition, pharmacies and medium-sized workshops are also used. Istanbul Rafsis firm also provides production services in these shelf groups. The company gained customer satisfaction and confidence thanks to the guarantee it gives to its products. And thanks to the iron shelves, you can store all your bulky and rough products very comfortably. The facilities that shelf systems offer us are the ease of transportation, the transport of goods, the use of space and the aesthetic appearance of our working spaces. Another feature of iron shelves is that they provide a secure storage service by preventing damage to the loads on them.

Corrosion Problem

One of the biggest problems users encounter in using iron shelves is the occurrence of undesirable situations such as rust. Iron does not fully protect its structure when it comes in contact with water, and it begins to contain chemical bacteria. However, in all shelf systems produced by Istanbul Rafsis firm, this problem does not exist. The cause is the dyes used in the production phase. In other words, the preparation shelf systems are painted with chemical-free paints and corrosion of iron shelf groups is prevented. In this respect, all the products produced within the company are longevity.

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