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Rack Production

Rack Production

Shelf production is one of the technological inventions that are used in today's storage areas to ensure that the products to be designed are regularly stacked and facilitate accessibility to desired parts. Due to the advantages it provides, its usage areas have expanded considerably. It is used actively in hospitals, pharmacies, companies that provide services in the industry sector and, of course, houses with living spaces. Racks are produced systematically and divided into different categories. In other words, it is produced in various classes and sizes in usage areas. Thanks to the production of shelves, the storage spaces are expanded and the work environment of individuals is an aesthetic appearance. In general, production varieties are named as steel shelves, metal shelves, wood and plastic shelves. The shelves are easy to assemble and can be done by virtually anyone with hand skills. Serving in this sector, Rafsis is known as an expert in the field and a leader in the sector. It is a company that has gained the satisfaction of its customers with its quality workmanship and meticulous workmanship.

   Rafsis Shelf Production

1) Shelf production ensures that the work areas appear more regularly and that employees find the materials easily. 2) Thanks to shelf production, it ensures that products that are likely to be broken, cracked or damaged will be kept healthier. In addition, thanks to the shelves, you can protect your product in various places and you can still fix your products thanks to the apparatuses you will put in front of them. 3) Shelves expanding storage areas provide another advantage for workplaces, particularly those heavy parts used in heavy industrial production, from an easy location. Of course, forklifts are used for this operation. 4) The shelves used in small businesses and corporate offices ensure that the room has a more aesthetic appearance. In addition, the shelves chosen to match the color of the furnishings in the room are highly professional in providing elegance.

Production and Service

Shelf production varies by usage areas in general. Rafsis Company, which serves in Istanbul province, provides production and sales services in accordance with all kinds of product types. All shelf production groups are designed with the equipment manufactured with today's technology within the rafsis. You can contact the company's customer representatives for detailed information and pricing policy.

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