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Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking systems are the most widely used shelf systems in our country. Thanks to the tools called pallet in these shelves, loads can be transported onto these pallets in a very easy way. In addition to this, there is no problem with the storage of these pallets, which takes place in a very easy way to carry out operations. Pallet rack The interest for these pallet shelves is quite large, offering a very high advantage in storing today's terms. Rafsis, which has been established in the first place among thousands of shelf firms that dominate the present day, has demonstrated a mastery of pallet shelves by talking about the quality of the shelf. The best quality shelf systems are manufactured thanks to our team, which has been dedicated to this sector for years in the company of Rafsis. There are multiple varieties of these pallet racking systems that are being manufactured, the most used among these varieties is the conventional pallet rack, which is the most commonly used money around the back. There are feet that support pallets in this rack. The double depth system is applied to the pallet depth according to the back pole pallet rack systems feature dense storage and LIFO systems with FIFO. Apart from these, one of the most widely used pallet shelves can be entered into, which is the transitive racking systems, the forklift is used according to these shelves. Specially prepared rails are placed according to these forklifts that are being used. To make the system robust so that the front face will remain open, the feet are fitted and safety profiles must be connected. The Forklift entrance has two end-to-end ends. This rack system offers high storage, as well as easy transportation thanks to the sliding rack system. Pallet shelves, one of the most useful shelf models among the many shelf systems nowadays, are preferred in the most markets, warehouses and textile industries. This shelf model prefers businesses that are very heavy to load. These shelves, which are the savior of many industrialized cities such as Istanbul, are specially designed and modified according to customer order. If you need a shelf model like pallet rack systems, you will find the ideal model for you by calling our Rafsis company. In all your needs, the shelf systems of rafsis are absolutely beside you.

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