Suspended Floor Shelf Systems

Suspended Floor Depot Shelf Systems: Suspended floor shelf systems are multi-storey shelf systems brought to the square by creating walkways in the corridors of the shelf units in order to maximize the ceiling height in the high-altitude warehouses where the human power is loaded and collected. The warehouse shelving systems of Asmakat mezan are used in two ways as archiving and storage. Archive shelf systems; folders and documents are conveniently packed and placed in shelves in these boxes. It is important to note that small-sized boxes are used in single-row archives with a maximum of 3 m. In this system known as the shelf system of the treasure, the shelf system is also used as a platform. Maximum storage is ensured since the entire height of the warehouse area is used. Depot shelving systems of Asmakat mezzanine Walkways between the floors and platforms are covered with materials such as gratings, flat sheets, mdf and chipboard. Entrance and exit units on the upper floors are made with stairs made between them. A safety and safe working environment is ensured by installing parapets at the end of the walkways and platforms. In two-storey systems, a crane (elevator) system can be installed close to the main entrance so that the material can be removed and the bottom can be easily removed. Water and gas fire extinguishing systems can be easily applied. The system has fully assembled and de-monted features and can be moved to another location if desired.

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