Why do people with tinnitus need a good mood?

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Patients with ringing often have sounds ringing in their ears, as if someone is talking in their ears, which disturbs the whole person. At present, the cause of tinnitus is not clear.

Why do people with tinnitus need a good mood?

Mood is really a wonderful elixir. Keep a good mood and good health. In terms of prevention and treatment of tinnitus, it is necessary to maintain emotional stability, reduce the burden on thoughts, avoid overexertion, moderate sexual intercourse, avoid tobacco and alcohol, strengthen exercise, and strengthen physical fitness. In terms of treatment, due to the complex causes, systemic diseases that cause tinnitus must be actively treated according to different causes. , drug-toxic tinnitus should be discontinued immediately, noise-induced tinnitus should be isolated from the noise environment, etc.

Researchers at Georgetown University have found that in people with chronic pain and tinnitus, these conditions begin as a reaction to injury. The response persists only if the brain cannot process the pain or noise appropriately—like a circuit breaker that goes awry. Just as chronic pain sufferers can feel phantom pain in non-existent limbs (known as phantom limb pain), tinnitus sufferers can still hear ringing in their ears without actual sound.

After studying the amount of gray matter in the brain, the research team found that a lack of gray matter in specific areas can lead to tinnitus and chronic pain. These areas are called "gatekeeping areas." This process is affected by levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are related to our feelings of energy, mood, and depression.

Things to note in life for people with tinnitus

* Eat more zinc-containing foods. Zinc deficiency is an important cause of senile tinnitus. The content of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than that in other organs. In people over 60 years old, the content of zinc in the cochlea is significantly reduced, which affects the function of the cochlea and leads to hearing loss. Foods rich in zinc include fish, beef, pork liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, various seafood, apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, etc.

* Eat a light diet and avoid greasy, high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, spicy, irritating, and irritating foods. Supplement more foods rich in protein and vitamins, eat soy products often, and drink less strong tea and coffee.

* Stop smoking and drinking. The harmful substances in cigarettes can damage the circulatory system, aggravate the hypoxia of nerves and blood vessels in the ears, and aggravate tinnitus, so you should quit smoking. Do not drink alcohol, including white wine, red wine, beer and non-alcoholic beer. A glass of wine at a party may make the doctor's early efforts in vain. Many patients have learned the painful lesson.

* Avoid mental stress and fatigue: Being in a state of high mental stress or physical fatigue for a long time can easily aggravate tinnitus. Therefore, it is beneficial to appropriately adjust your work rhythm and relax your emotions.

* Maintain good sleep and work habits, try not to stay up late. Before going to bed every day, you can soak your feet in hot water to soothe your mood and promote sleep. Insomniacs can take some soothing traditional Chinese medicine. If necessary, they can take some sedative and sleeping pills under the guidance of a doctor.

* Stay away from noise. A large number of tinnitus patients are actually victims of noise. They have tinnitus due to noise, and the tinnitus phenomenon is also aggravated by noise.

Simply put, having a good mood can definitely suppress tinnitus better than being angry.

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